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MASSAGE THERAPIES: Sportmassage, Relaxationmassages, Triggerpoint-Therapie !

WINDSURF/Wingfoil&YOGA weeks!

Train your body and your mind with lasting results! Call for more information: +599 782 84 71



BUDOKON YOGA  workshop

in ST.MORITZ, Switzerland
Saturday, 30. September  14.30-16.30 

1. October 

@Hotel Bären, St.Moritz
$ 45.00 Saturday only, $ 80 both days.

Die Budokon-Yoga-Primärserie ist eine Mischung aus Yoga und Kampfkunst mit einem philosophischen Hintergrund, bei dem es hauptsächlich um den Weg der Selbstreflexion geht.

Grundsätzlich versuchen wir im Budokon, das Gleichgewicht und die Vereinigung des Kriegers und des Friedensstifters in uns körperlich und geistig zu finden.

Budokon Yoga ist in sieben Abschnitte unterteilt, die darauf abzielen, Beweglichkeit, Flexibilität und Kraft zu verbessern. 


Enjoy early morning Yoga classes at the beach, inhale that fresh pure energy straight from the ocean:
OCEAN YOGA, Tuesday and Friday  8:00-9:00am @Ocean Oasis Bonaire

Sunset Yoga Wednesday 6:00-6:45pm @crossfit palms on the rooftop

SUP & YOGA (Stand Up Paddle)  Thursday and Sunday, 09:00-10:15am @Jibe City (sign up and reserve your board)


TRX most efficient suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength,  balance, flexibility and core-stability!

 Friday 10:00 am @Crossfit Palms


Deep Tissue, Sportmassage, Relaxmassage, KT-Taping!
Make your reservation @ Jibe CityShop (599) 7175233

Class Schedule


  • Monday: 10:15-11:15am Gentle Yoga  Flow. @Bonbida
  • *Tuesday: 08:00-09:00am Ocean Yoga Flow. @Ocean Oasis Bonaire (in a break)
  • Tuesday: 12:30-13:15 Lunch-break Yoga @Villa Carina (zoom session only)
  • Wednesday: 09:00-10:00. Morning Flow  @Dreamz Fitness Bonaire
  • Wednesday: 18:00-18:45  Sunset Flow@Rooftop Crossfit Palms ( in a break till Oct 4)
  • Thursday: 08:00–08:45 Yoga for Wind-board-sports @Sorobon Beach Resort (in a break)
  • Thursday: 09:00-10:15am  SUP & YOGA @Jibe City (in a break)
  • Friday:  08:00-09:00am Ocean Yoga Flow   @Ocean Oasis Bonaire (zoom only  15. Sep - 6. Oct)
  • Friday:  10:00-10:45am TRX workout @Crossfit Palms (in a break till 6. Oct)
  • Saturday:  12:30-14:   BudokonYoga  @Dreamz Fitness Bonaire (Workshop twice/month)
  • Sunday: 09:00-10:15am SUP & YOGA @Jibe City  

* in a break: This classes are not happening in low season (8.5. - 9.7. and 28.8. - 17.12)

Class description

Learn to combine breathing, flowing postures and meditation in this gentle Yoga class.
 This slower-paced flow class allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm. 
 Relax, let go, and enjoy the slow flow!
Practicing YOGA by the ocean allows you to use Mother Nature’s meditation cues: the rhythmic flow of waves, the sound of wind blowing, peaceful birds chipping and even the smell of saltwater will help you relax, focus and completely clear your mind!
This class is dynamic and will stretch and lengthen every muscle in your body from your head to your toes, but it will do so in a gentle, soothing, and relaxing way. A truly amazing and healing class. 
Most wonderful way to start the day!

Our early morning yoga is a wake-up class that is geared to invigorate, strengthen and prepare your mind and body for the rest of your day. 
Move through a sequence of postures using the breath..

Tune in with the calming and magic sunset energy!
Relax, let go, and enjoy the slow flow!
Prepare your body and mind for your board-sport-session!
Learn specific mobility, stability and stretching exercises focused on water-board-sports!
Be better - have more fun - be focused with what your passionated about AND prevent injuries!
Why Do Yoga on a SUP board?

Stand up paddle boarding and yoga may at first seem like an odd pairing. But, there are many reasons why people enjoy doing yoga on the water. In addition to having fun with friends or experiencing some quiet solitude on the water, here are a few more benefits:

To get a different kind of workout: Doing yoga on a SUP engages muscles that you may neglect during your on-land practice.

To develop mindfulness: The added challenge of doing yoga on a  board will force you to be very present and intentional with all your movements.

You don’t need any yoga experience to join, but even the most experienced yogis can learn something new from simple poses on the board! 

SUP yoga is a great way to work on maintaining a beginner’s mindset because it introduces new challenge to your yoga routine.
TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer Band, a performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete the exercises.

BUDOKON , the way of the warrior spirit! 

Cameron Shayne the creator of Budokon movement art says: “Budokon is the way to self-transformation through self-observation”!
Budokon yoga primary series is a mix of yoga, martial art and animal locomotion composed with a philosophical background which is mainly about the path of self examination.
Basically we try im Budokon to find the balance and unification of the warrior and the peacemaker within us physically and mentally.
Budokon Yoga is divided in seven sections designed to improve mobility, flexibility and strength. The transition from one posture to the next is crucial.
It’s a challenge, physically and mentally, but the most important thing is to come to the class with an open mind and have fun!

Indoor classes :
*Bonbida: 74 Kaya Gob. N. Debrot Kralendijk
*Dreamz Fitness: EEG BLVD Punt Vierkant 44, Kralendijk
*Smiling Buddah: Plaza Resort, 80 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard, Kralendijk,

Outdoor classes: 
*Ocean Oasis Beach Club: 260 EEG Boulevard, Kralendijk
*Crossfit Palms: 260 EEG Boulevard, Kralendijk

The Ocean @Jibe City: 7 Kaya JC Van De Ree (Sorobon, Lac Bay) , Kralendijk


60 min class:
Drop in: $17.00 ($12 with Sedula)
10time card: $ 90.00 (valid 6 Month)

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PRICE SUP&YOGA (inks board rental):

60-90 min class:
$ 25.00 

PRICES PERSONAL TRAINING (one till two pers):

60 min: $85 ($75 with Sedula)
45 min: $70 ($60 with Sedula) 

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60 min: $85 ($75 with Sedula)
45 min: $70 ($60 with Sedula) 
30 min: $ 55 ($45 with Sedula)



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Please make your reservation directly at Jibe City:
[email protected] or call +599 717 52 33


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Deep Tissue
Trigger Points
Dry Cupping


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Tuesday - Friday 1-5pm


Wingfoil weeks with Charles Dasher




10. – 14. Jan 2023 

24. – 28. Jan 2023 

14. – 17. Feb 2023 

21. – 25. Feb 2023 

7. – 11. March 2023 


Small Groups (max 4 people) Wing foil weeks Bonaire ($ 950) 

Inclusive : 

2 h wing foil instruction in the morning , 4 days 

1 dinner out 

2 yoga for watersports sessions 

one morning video analysis 

digital photos from your activities 


Not inclusive: (optional, we like to help with recomending) 






Wing – foil gear 







Dates:     April 4th  – April 10th 2022

Where:    Bonaire, Lac Bay (at Jibe City)

Who:      Beginner, intermediate & advanced windsurfers who want to improve their windsurfing and combine it with daily Yoga sessions.

What:     Seven day clinic of which six days of yoga practice and windsurfing coaching, with theory,  video and photo analysis.

Price:     Depending on your how long you like to stay and other preferences we will make a package deal for you which can include clinic / accommodation / transfer / car rental and extra windsurf lessons during your stay

Gear:      You can rent the best windsurf equipment at Jibe City at Sorobon Beach. We can make a reservation for you.

Wind:     Bonaire has great wind statistics and for the last years it has always been very windy in March. However we can’t control the wind and in the unlikely event that the wind remains light we might change the program slightly in order to make sure we still get the most out of the week windsurfing wise.

Check Arriannes Webside   or Facebook event page: 

Windsurf, Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Dates:     April 13th   – April 17th  2022 

Where:    Bonaire, Lac Bay (at Jibe City)

Who:      For everyone who wants to treat themselves to a week full of windsurfing, mindfulness, breathing and yoga. Windsurfing in the most beautiful bay in the world and refuelling your mind and body. Beginner, intermediate or advanced windsurfers are all welcome. No yoga experience required, we will adapt to your level and needs. 

What:   Five days of windsurfing coaching and yoga practice  with theory and video analyses and  with focus on Yoga, SUP, relaxation, , breathing, massage therapies and mediation. 

The clinic includes 7 (!) different yoga sessions:   

  • Vinyasa FLOW yoga  
  • SUP yoga
  • Breathwork yoga
  • YIN yoga
  • Island yoga with a snorkelling session at Klein Bonaire
  • Nidra yoga
  • Budokon yoga


Duo to CORONAVIRUS RESTRICTIONS both weekends have been Postponed !
Stay tuned for the exact dates!
Hope to see you then!
Stay positive!

Check this out: 
Newcomers/Beginners: May 8. - 10.  2020
Advanced (massage experianced): May 15. - 17. 2020 

Who ? Wellness interested people who like to learn or improve massage skills and connect them with yoga asanas!

Where ? Smiling Buddah Yoga studio & Jibe City Bonaire

What ? During the daily massage workshops you 'll learn: 
- Diffrent massage grip technique
- important muscle groups, their location and why they get tense
- massage flows for back, sholder and neck (evt arms , legs)
- yoga asanas which help to release tension and can be connected to the  massage work

Teacher: Antje Schwert and Ladina van Swoll

Price: $ 190.00 per weekend
If you book both weekend together: $ 360.00

which includes: all massage workshops , practical massage practice with individual coaching,  yoga sessions

Sign up: [email protected]

More details on Facebook!

Thai-Yoga-Massage Training with Ulf Pape

Duo to CORONAVIRUS RESTRICTIONS this week has been canceled!
Hope to see you next year!
Stay positive!

Oct 31. - Nov 6. 2020 in Bonaire

The course is for novices and therapists! 
You will learn how to creatively combine traditional thai-massage with yoga-therapeutic techniques, manual therapeutic and parietal osteopathic, acupressure and physiotherapy!

Outside from the education program you will have enough time to practice yoga on and off the water with Ladina, to snorkel, dive, windsurf or simply relaxe and enjoy the beach!

Check the whole schedule & week-program on our FB-event page!

Price: $ 930.00 which includes:
7 days education (4 h/day with Ulf)
6 Yoga sessions with Ladina
one SUP&Yoga session
Ulf Pape is one of the most recognized massage- and physiotherapist-teachers worldwide!

Check his YouTube Channel and tutorials, then you will know why!


With more than 20 years experience as a professional, fitness & personal trainer, yoga instructor, Pilates trainer , dance instructor and massage therapist Ladina van Swoll possesses wide wellness-skills to share with her students during her yoga classes.
Each yoga class is tailored to her individual students needs.
Sport massages, Deep Tissue, Relaxation massages, Trigger Point
YOGA classes @ different in- and outdoor locations:
Each yoga class is tailored to her individual students need.
Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga, as well gentle Yin Yoga, fit perfectly well in her teaching repertoire.
During no-windy days Ladina offers Stand Up Paddle & Yoga classes at Jibe City.
TRX classes @ Crossit Palms:
Best workout to sculpt core muscles, improve balance and blast fat.
An advanced windsurfer, Ladina has created special yoga programs for windsurfers and organizes, together with professional windsurfer, Arrianne Aukes,  yoga & windsurf clinics.
Learn more about the clinics:
Frequent yoga practice makes you feel better, younger and healthier.
PERSONAL TRAINING:  Prices for group- and personal training on request.
For information & reservation call or App +599 782 8471